What is your unique selling proposition for your business?


There are many factors that go into making a successful business. One of the most important is having a unique selling proposition (USP). This is what makes your business stand out from the competition and helps you attract customers. So how do you find your business' USP? And once you've found it, how can you make sure it's powerful and effective? Read on for tips on creating a successful USP for your business.

What is a unique selling proposition (USP)?

A business' unique selling proposition is the differentiating factor that sets it apart from all of its competitors. The USP is what makes your company unique, and can help you gain a larger share of the market. It will also give consumers reasons to choose your product or service over someone else's.

How do you find your business' USP?

A company's unique selling proposition can be created using a variety of strategies. Being aware of your competition is the first step in creating a unique selling proposition. What are they doing, and what do you need to do to set yourself apart from them? Some ways to find out include getting customer feedback or conducting surveys on your existing or potential customer base.

Identify your brand's strengths, the benefits it offers to customers, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Take these ideas and turn them into a statement that summarizes the unique value you offer consumers. Ask yourself if this is really something that will make people choose your business over others? If so, it may be your unique selling proposition.


Create several different USPs to see which one best represents your company. Test them out on friends, family, and coworkers; ask them which sounds like the statement that best captures what makes your business special. You can also test them by asking people in your target market to see what they think of each one.

Why is having a USP important for your business?

How can you create a powerful USP for your business?

Clearly define what makes your brand special. People have to know that you are different from the competition, otherwise it will be just as easy for them to choose someone else. Highlight what types of customers or products your business specializes in and why this matters. Are you the only business to offer this product or service, or are you the only one of your kind in your area?

Be precise.

It is important to be clear and concise when creating a unique selling proposition for your brand. If it's too long, people will get lost trying to figure out what you're saying. You want to be sure that your USP will be remembered and understood by the public, which means keeping it short and simple.

Identify why people should care about your unique selling proposition.

If you are able to show how it will affect or appeal to customers, this can help them relate to why they should choose your business over others. It is important to get across to people why they should care about what you have to offer, and not just what it is. Some ways that you can do this include using statistics or other compelling information.

Consider using a survey or poll. 

This can help you understand what people think of your unique selling proposition and whether or not it is likely to attract customers. You can also show them how it makes you different from the competition and why this matters, so that they understand what your business has to offer them.

Stay honest. 

Above anything else, your unique selling proposition should stay as true as possible and avoid exaggeration or other misleading claims. This should be something that you are proud of, which means keeping it real.

Examples of Businesses with Strong USPs

The most successful USPs are ones that have a very specific audience in mind when they are created. These companies use their unique selling proposition to appeal directly to the people who will care about what they have to offer. 

Here are some examples of brands which have done this well for themselves:

HelloFresh - "America’s Most Popular Meal Kit."

Subway - "Eat fresh"

Robinhood - "Investing for Everyone" and “Pioneer of Commission-Free Investing”

Warby Parker - “Try 5 frames at home for free”

Drizly - "Let the drinks come to you”

Tips for Creating a Successful USP

Keep it simple. 

While it may be tempting to use unusual keywords or phrases, this can make it more difficult for people to understand what you are trying to say. Using simple language will help ensure that your USP is memorable and gets across the message that you are trying to send.

Make sure your unique selling proposition sounds natural. 

People should be able to tell that it has been created by you, not through some automated document. It should sound like something that you would actually say to a customer in person, and it should feel personal without being too stiff or formal.

Look at your competitors' USPs. 

This can help you understand how you might create a unique selling proposition for your business that will be more effective than the ones they are using, or that will complement theirs. Creating something that stands out while still being complementary can allow your business to get the recognition it deserves.


Take customer feedback into consideration when creating a unique selling proposition for your brand. You want to make sure that this is something which people care about and appreciate, so asking them their thoughts before finalizing it is important. 

The Wrap-Up

Creating a unique selling proposition for your business is essential to standing out from the competition. By using our tips, you can create a powerful USP that will attract customers and help your business thrive. Keep in mind that it is important to stay honest and be clear about how your USP will benefit customers. Use competitor's USPs as inspiration to come up with something new and original, while still being complementary. Finally, make sure to get customer feedback before finalizing your unique selling proposition so that you know it is something they care about and appreciate.


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